About Us

The 'Gasthaus zum Kilchberg' was built in 1899 and was a retreat for the wealthy during the early 19th Century, giving them a change to their city life and relaxation in the country side. The Bad Kilchberg was also a hotel and restaurant during the past decades. 


The beautiful region is perfect for hiking, horseback riding or dining out and will enrich you with its magnificent nature.


Guests, who want to relax are heartily welcome, year in - year out!


Our Story

We moved to Switzerland in 2004 from Canada and bought the Guesthouse Bad Kilchberg in Kilchberg Baselland Switzerland. Our three children went to school and we have extra rooms available for guests. In the past 8 years we have been doing a Bed & Breakfast. Now that we have two extra new kitchens in our house we can offer rooms with a kitchen included. You are welcome to come and visit us!






We enjoy having guests from places all around the world. We also like to travel and are used to staying in Bed & Breakfasts around the planet.